Episode 152: Can’t Stop Casting On

Welcome to the Knitting Samurai and Her Guys Video Podcast!

Wearing the Simmer Dim by Gudren Johnston with Socks That Rock Medium Weight.

Knitting Time:

PHI Shawl by Jennifer Dassau using Leading Men Fiber Arts in Show Stopper color Man of Mystery and Into The Whirled Ulundi Sock in the Captain Tightpants color.  US size 6s – 4.0mm needles.   For the Suburban Stitcher Rainbow Along for the month of February.  And SPK’s Don’t Hoard The Precious KAL.

Cast on Mismi Shawl by Andrea Rangel as seen in Knitscene Spring 2016.  Wanted to use some Miss Babs Northumbria in Believable color, bought before I realized I do not like the knitted fabric of BFL.  Needed constrast color and loved the  Leading Men Fiber Arts in Show Stopper color Man of Mystery with it so much I split the cake in half.  Using US size 6s -4.0mm needles.

Modern Tartan Slouch by Talitha Kuomi using Knit Picks Stroll Sport in Rainforest Heather and Navy as well as Fibernymph Dye Works in Happy Camper color from November 2013 Club.  Using US size 3s – 3.25mm needles and US size 5s – 3.75mm needles. -finished!

Cast on the Baa-Ble Hat by Donna Smith using some Jill Draper Makes Stuff Splendor Sock in Spinach colorway with Into The Whirled Manchester in Mithrandir colorway.  US size 6s – 4.00mm needles.

Sanctuary Socks with Fish Lips Kiss Heel and Desert Vista Dyeworks Viso in the Sanctuary colorway knit on US size 0s – 2.0mm needles.

LT’s Yoga Socks using Opal Little Prince in color 7764 Auf Seinem Planeten with US size 0 – 2.0mm needles.  Pattern is Pedicure Socks #147 by Patons.



Cast on Frankenfingers by Elizabeth Green Musselman using Knit Picks Felici in the Rainbow colorway and US size 0 – 2.0mm needles.  For the Suburban Stitcher Rainbow Along for the month of February.

Boy House Adventures…
Tristan focus -reading, mastering his fine motor skills, and spelling
Roland working on the writing
House: electrical and plumbing, steve saved us $1.5K, lights: hallways, exterior, bathrooms.  Tiles, Drawer pulls, and towel bars.
Tubs, garage door, door hinges and knobs.
Next weekend appliances and curtains.

2016 Aspirations:

  • Knit 10 miles(17.6K yards) of yarn, 27% more than last year.
    This month 1,060 yards finished -about 1500 a month gets to goal
  • Barn Raising Quilt Year 3: 29 Blanket squares. This is the 3rd year so I need to knit whatever squares are left to be knit.
    -none this month
  • Get stash below 160 miles. -10.7 miles to go.
    At 170.1 so down 1/2 mile, 10 miles to go.
  • Knit 6 sweaters for us: maybe 3 sweaters for me and 2 sweaters for each boy.  That math doesn’t work.
    no movement here
  • 10 Pairs of socks including socks for LT, Dad, Shary, Kevin, Mum.
    Pair for LT and Shary on the needles
  • Languishing Sweaters: Sew Buttons on Jackaroo and wear it.  Finish or Frog!

Where to find more episodes…

Steph is the Knitting Samurai on Ravelry and Instagram. Visit the Ravelry Group for Knitting Samurai & Her Guys to continue to the discussion.

  • 3 Seasons available of Knitting Samurai Podcasts on YouTube. Expectant Knitter (10 episodes), Knitting Samurai Plus 1 (100 episodes), and The Knitting Samurai & Her Guys (35 episodes).
  • wordpress.com carries the 20 most recent episodes and 20 past episodes back to when Roland was born.
  • And you can subscribe to the podcast via the Itunes as well.

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