Episode 157: Fun with Excel or Year of the Hat

Welcome to the Knitting Samurai and Her Guys Video Podcast!

Knitting Time:

Finished Hat inspired by the Baa-Ble Hat by Donna Smith  and I Hardly Know Her Hat by Pamela Northrup.

Cast on and finished hat inspired by the Baa-Ble Hat by Donna Smith  and Flora Hat by Margaux Hufnagel.

Cast on hat inspired by the Baa-Ble Hat by Donna Smith and the Norwegian Star Earflap Hat by Tiennie.  Dark teal and yellow

Cast on hat inspired by the Baa-Ble Hat by Donna Smith using Schaefer Nicole Yarn in Billie Holiday colorway.

Interesting Stash facts….well interesting to me.

  • I own more fingering weight stash than anything else.  Makes up more than a third of my stash (36%).  Worsted is next with almost a quarter (22%), and then DK with 15%.
  • Own less than 1% of stash in Super Bulky and Lace weight.
  • For a long time Purple and Red were my favorite colors.  Together they make up almost a quarter of my stash at 24%.  But shockingly Green and Blue rock it!  again more than a third of my stash (36%) in those two colors.
  • Natural and White are clearly my least favorite with less than 2% in each of these.
  • And I knew I liked wool but… more than 3 Quarters of my stash is majority wool (79%).  Shocking!  Alpaca and Cotton are next with 8 and 9% each.  I’d happily not have anything besides wool in my stash.  That is to say I’d replace wool but I wouldn’t replace the Alpaca, cotton, acrylic stuff.  So focusing on knitting those up would be great.
  • And lastly in terms of weight, whats weighing the most? Worsted and Fingering are holding me down almost evenly, 27/28%.  Have so many more yards of fingering.

Boy and House Adventures…

Tristan “No more monkey butt!”
New trim and shutters on the house

Where to find more episodes…

Steph is the Knitting Samurai on Ravelry and Instagram. Visit the Ravelry Group for Knitting Samurai & Her Guys to continue to the discussion.

  • 3 Seasons available of Knitting Samurai Podcasts on YouTube. Expectant Knitter (10 episodes), Knitting Samurai Plus 1 (100 episodes), and The Knitting Samurai & Her Guys (35 episodes).
  • wordpress.com carries the 20 most recent episodes and 20 past episodes back to when Roland was born.
  • And you can subscribe to the podcast via the Itunes as well.

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