Episode 172: Best Wishes

Welcome to the Knitting Samurai and Her Guys Video Podcast!  A Show about a scattered caffeinated mom who knits, loves her family, works full-time and tries to keep it all running smoothly.

“Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens”
Tony DeLiso, Legacy: The Power Within

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Ouidad curling hair products.

Knitting Time…

I’m wearing my View from the Charles Shawl by Jennifer Lassonde.

Finished but not blocked; the first Goldfinch by Andrea Mowry using Good Karma Farm Color Blurz Sportweight.  Using US size 5 – 3.75mm needles.  First of my Rhinebeck 2016 purchases to get on the needles.  This yarn is totally the colors of my living room rug, minus brown.  Love the size and drape.  Love the feel to my hand but my hands don’t love it.  ALLERGY!

Cast on a second right away, thinking of making 4 of these 3 for gifts and 1 for me. Using some more of that lovely Miss Babs Yummy that I got at Rhinebeck 2016.  The Goldfinch by Andrea Mowry using US size 5 – 3.75mm needles.  Colors are Dark Perseus, Dream Weaver, Dark Orion.  Adding Claudia Handpaints Addiction in Silver Shimmer and Chocolate.

Completed the Rikaart2016 Cowl by Megi Burcl using Claudia Handpaints Addiction.  Raced to LYS to pick up 2 coordinating colors and then came home to cast on.  I actually bought 3 new colors, and cowl can be worked with 2 colors or 5 colors.  So added a few more from my stash.  Bought Oops, Silver Shimmer, and Graphite.  175 yards of 100% superwash merino loveliness in finger weight.  Using US size 5s – 3.75mm needles.  Can’t wait to knit another.

My Bien, Oui vest is Pietra by Connie Chang Chinchio using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in the color Stone.  Using US size 7s – 4.5mm needles.  This may be a total nightmare as the yarn called for is Berroco Alpaca, but have knit two sweaters with that and it’s very warm plus prone to grow with wear, alpaca doesn’t have the same memory of wool.  Thinking I wanted something cooler I opted for a neutral cotton color.  I have loads of machine knit cotton sweaters, this could work out…really it could 😉


  • Halloween
  • Dr. Strange
  • In-Law visit and Tree triming
  • My Parents are 2 months into their 3-4 month Journey around the country.
  • Voting is over

2016 Aspirations: Really just focusing in on knitting down stash and completing stash dash for now.

  • Knit 10 miles(17.6K yards) of yarn, 27% more than last year.
    So far this year I’ve knit 12,400 yards.  We are 86% through the year….I’m only 70% to my goal but loads of WIPs on needles if I wanted to push it out.  
  • Barn Raising Quilt Year 3: 29 Blanket squares. This is the 3rd year so I need to knit whatever squares are left to be knit.
    -none this month, need to pull out that happy Fibernymph I got for this.  Or use some of the shawl/cowl yarns I’ve been knitting.
  • Get stash below 160 miles. -10.7 miles total.
    At 169.6 was down down 5 miles but then Rhinebeck added that much back into stash.  I can tell, the bin I had half emptied this year was just enough space for my Rhinebeck stuff.  
  • Knit 6 sweaters for us: maybe 3 sweaters for me and 2 sweaters for each boy.  That math doesn’t work.
    Finished Whale Sweater for Tristan, started sweater for me
  • 10 Pairs of socks including socks for LT, Dad, Shary, Kevin, Mum.
    Finished Pair for LT.  -knit them hats instead!
  • Languishing Sweaters: Sew Buttons on Jackaroo and wear it.  Finish or Frog!

Music is Monster Mash (remix by Nick Bref) by Haunted House Project

Where to find more episodes…

Steph is the Knitting Samurai on Ravelry and Instagram. Visit the Ravelry Group for Knitting Samurai & Her Guys to continue to the discussion.

  • 3 Seasons available of Knitting Samurai Podcasts on YouTube. Expectant Knitter (10 episodes), Knitting Samurai Plus 1 (100 episodes), and The Knitting Samurai & Her Guys (35 episodes).
  • wordpress.com carries the 20 most recent episodes and 20 past episodes back to when Roland was born.
  • And you can subscribe to the podcast via the I-tunes as well.


One thought on “Episode 172: Best Wishes

  1. I love the fact that while reading your blog I knew all the grown-up words like Miss.Babs and Rhinebeck.

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